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Local History : Websites

How are websites useful?

Understanding basic facts about the history of Lambton County will make your research that much more effective. There are many websites that contain authoritative information on the history of our community.

Museums in our community have created websites telling our community's stories. Local groups and individuals have also created online presences which preserve our heritage. Visit the links on the right to explore our history.

Local History Websites

Ontario Visual Heritage Project: Sarnia-Lambton

This website was created in conjunction with a DVD through a partnership between Heritage Sarnia-Lambton and the Ontario Visual Heritage Project. The website tells the story of Sarnia-Lambton through text, video clips, interactive timeline, and an interactive map. Teachers can download a study guide with connections to the Ontario curriculum and history buffs can download video podcasts. This resource gives the viewer a great overview of the history of Lambton County.

Black Gold

This website was created by the Oil Museum of Canada to present the oil history of our community. Stories of the early oil men and foreign drillers, explanations of the equipment, and details on oil heritage are available on this website.

The Township of Warwick: A Story Through Time

This website was created through a collaboration between the Warwick Township History Committee and the Lambton County Archives. The Committee collected information compiling a book (of the same name) and although not everything was able to fit into the printed book, it is available on this website which chronicles the stories of the people and places which tell the history of Warwick Township. The website includes links to online books, digitized scans of documents, and photo albums of Warwick's history.

Lambton Shield: 'Lambton County History' Category

The Lambton Shield started as a newspaper in 1852 with future Prime Minister and Sarnia man Alexander Mackenzie as the editor. Unfortunately, the paper version only lasted a short time but the current online version of the paper regularly publishes articles related to the history of our community. This link brings you to a list of dozens of articles in the 'Lambton County History' category

Ontario's Historical Plaques: Plaques in the County of Lambton

The blue and gold plaques you may have seen on roadsides are part of a program by the Ontario Heritage Trust. A private citizen has created and maintains this site of Ontario's Historical Plaques. The link above will bring you to the page dedicated to Lambton's plaques. Organized by municipality, each plaque in turn has its own dedicated site which includes photos of the plaque, map and location, text on the plaque, and a space for visitor comments.

The SCITS Vault

SCITS high school in Sarnia has digitized their collection of yearbooks dating back to 1902. View their website to see each yearbook scanned seperately. Search this resource to see how the city and education have changed in a century. This is also a great resource for genealogists to locate ancestors.

*Research tip* By viewing the PDF of each yearbook and pressing Ctrl+F on your keyboard, you can use the "Search" function to easily search a yearbook for a specific name or keyword.